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Ready to create a relationship where you can openly talk and reflect on your work?

Our sessions will support and empower you to work to your values and strengths while reflecting and noticing areas of challenge

Professional supervision allows opportunity to create alignment between our values, actions and thoughts

A large part of our lives is filled with work, our practice, and the professional self. There are times of great reward, then there are elements that cause tension and conflict.

Professional supervision with Zoe allows a dedicated time to reflect on your experiences and actions to uncover and find solutions within yourself.

This approach gives the clarity you need to not only reflect on your own practice, but to also create a more resilient, restorative personal culture for you to take into your workplace.

How professional supervision can benefit you professionally

Supervision allows you to bring whatever is important, on top, relevant or pressing, and talk about what is going on for you around this.

It is an exciting journey where the experiences and narratives you bring to the session, allow us to acknowledge and celebrate your strengths, intentionally noticing issues which may be causing professional questioning or distress.

This can result in profound personal and professional insights, self awareness and surprises which better support you to show up in authentic ways.

What issues can be covered...

If supervision is a new experience for you, we can talk about what this means and looks like. Some of the issues/topics that people bring are around:

  • professional scope

  • retrospective/reflective clinical conversations

  • collegial dynamics

  • organisational culture

  • alignment/misalignment of team culture

  • transparent conversations

  • future study/planning

  • professional validation

  • how current socio-political issues influence work

  • discovering what a working/living balance looks like for you

What supervision with Zoe looks like...

Over time, our sessions will focus on resourcing your most authentic, engaged practice. This work encourages you to bring your whole self, to understand your learning edge, and get a bit comfy with being uncomfortable.

Fully appreciate and make the most of your strengths

Intentionally notice and speak to the issues which may be causing professional questioning/distress 

Talk about what’s on top or influencing how you are feeling

Bring your inner dialogue into the light to be reflected back

Become more aware of your motivations, beliefs and thinking

Gently challenge and widen your perspectives

See yourself as it relates to your practice more clearly and let go of limitations

A safe, non judgemental place

Management and Leadership

As a business owner, I found supervision vital in creating a team culture that encourages and supports staff.

What does a cohesive team culture look like, how do we engage staff to take more ownership of work projects and tasks, and gain a better understanding and connection of workplace well-being. Being a people leader has its own set of challenges and it can often be rather lonely and isolating due to the very nature of hierarchical and power structures.

Having a dedicated safe space to unpack and reflect on this is important to your own wellbeing, growth, team culture and future planning. You come with experience and expertise in your field, through the reflective process you will unearth new understandings and bring these into your place of work.

About Zoe

Kia ora, my name is Zoe and I’m a registered nurse. I whakapapa to both my Ngapuhi and English/Scottish ancestry. I’m a wife, mum, sister, gran, best friend, nurse, supervisor, eternal student and regular participant of professional supervision within my own practice. Work wise, I’ve completed both the post graduate cert in health science and post graduate cert in professional supervision; and am a GoodSort facilitator for the GoodYarn program and a Lifekeeper for the national suicide prevention program. 

Practicing within the hospital, community, and private settings, gives me an appreciation for the different challenges these spaces can bring. Working on the ward, in clinics, managing diverse community client caseloads, facilitating client/whanau support groups, private practice and delivering in-house and education sessions are part of my career journey.  My affiliations are with the College of Nurses Aotearoa and the New Zealand Nursing Council. Supervision with Zoe came about from my love and appreciation of attending professional supervision myself. Working within the helping profession floats my boat, attending supervision keeps my boat water worthy. 

Cultural Care

As professionals, our work and how we work is influenced by our social, political, and our cultural beliefs and experiences, the organisations we are employed by, and the professional bodies that govern our practice.

I identify as both pakeha and māori. I am offering professional supervision which encompasses cultural care, not cultural supervision or Kaupapa māori supervision. For me, cultural identity is multi-faceted, layered, deeply personal, and at times, confronting.

Our cultural identity is tied into our wellbeing, our sense of self, and directly influences how we show up each day and shapes the way we view the world, and how we navigate life. My hope is we will be open in sharing our cultural identity, allowing space to hear, appreciate and acknowledge each others. 


“Zoe created a space where I felt supported and safe to explore the issues I wanted to discuss in supervision. Zoe supported me to connect from a cultural point of view and allowed me time/space to make sense of what it was that I found challenging. 

As a Strength Based Practitioner, I enjoy the process of being able to explore issues and find solutions in partnership. One of the key questions Zoe posed to me, which I reflected on during and after the session was, ‘have I experienced or been in this situation before’. The Aha moment was yes, I had, this was an invaluable learning experience. I had been tussling with this issue for a while and Zoe supported me to unpack it, lean into my innate wisdom and recognise that I have overcome similar challenges like this before. Being heard in a non-judgmental space and acknowledging my professional knowing is hugely empowering.”  

Billie Stevenson, Senior Social Worker/Team Lead, Taranaki Habit Health

"Supervision with Zoe was enlightening, thought provoking and nurturing  experience.  She created a space for me to open up honestly about what was happening for me and guided me through making sense of this.  Zoe’s ability to sit with silence, to ask the right questions at the right time, added to the overall experience of the sessions.  She supported me on the journey to making sense of challenging situations and encouraged me to use tools and develop skills to work outside the supervision sessions.  Zoe’s warm, humour and natural skill at connection enabled me to explore subjects that otherwise would be left untouched.  She is a marvellous supervisor who really gets what it's like to be working in a challenging and diverse environment, she has walked the walk and used this background to support the supervision sessions."

Aislinn Carr, CNS, Te Whatu Ora Waikato

How to work with Zoe

One of the key elements to successful supervision is the development of an effective collaborative working relationship with an emphasis on trust and openness. Making sure you and I are the right supervision fit is important.

Please fill out the contact form and we can arrange a time to meet in my Hamilton office or online.

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Wednesday 8am-5pm
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Thursday 8am-5pm
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Supervision 1hr session $120 +gst
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